Resources & Services

Graduate education candidates also benefit from complementary programs sponsored by the School of Education:

Curriculum Resource Center
The Curriculum Resource Center is located on the third floor of Lewis Hall. It offers a variety of resources for prospective classroom teachers. School of Education candidates will find curriculum and educational materials to help with class assignments, aid in preparing lesson plans and to supplement their curriculum during their clinical practice experience. Some of the resources available at the center include assessment materials; children’s and young adult literature; kits, games, and manipulatives; science equipment; teaching posters and picture sets; and textbooks used in private and public schools.

The Rose K. Goedert Early Childhood Education Center
The Rose K. Goedert Early Childhood Education Center, directed by the School of Education demonstrates the university’s commitment to provide quality early childhood education to children 2 to 5 years of age. All programs at the The Rose K. Goedert Early Childhood Education Center are accredited by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and are open to children of Dominican University students, faculty and staff as well as the local community. In addition to qualified early childhood teachers, some School of Education graduate students enrolled in Early Childhood Education courses serve in the center’s classrooms as teacher assistants. Undergraduate early childhood education majors may assist as student aides.

The Rose K. Goedert Early Childhood Education Center is open year-round, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The center offers a full developmental program. Parents may choose from several attendance plans; however, the center is not available for occasional use. Further information and registration forms are available from The Rose K. Goedert Early Childhood Education Center at (708) 714-9150.

Summer Gifted and Talented Program
The Summer Gifted and Talented Program is designed to engage small groups of intellectually curious students, in grades two through eight, in learning experiences that challenge the imagination, provide creative stimulation and promote inquiry learning. School of Education degree candidates in gifted education are involved as assistants in this program. For more Information, call (708) 524-6525.

Psi Chi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society
The School of Education sponsors the Psi Chi chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an international education honor society. Annually, persons are inducted into the society in recognition of their scholarship, leadership, professionalism and worthy educational goals. Those elected to the society represent the top 10 percent of those entering the field of education. Members receive updates on current research, a newsletter and scholarly journal. They also are eligible for scholarships and other programs offered by the society.

Alumnae/i Association
Alumnae/i of the School of Education continue to experience a sense of collegiality with one another as they develop professionally. All graduates belong to the Graduate Education Alumnae/i Association and receive School of Education newsletters. The School of Education counts on its alumnae/i as a source of support for the continuous growth of its programs and resources. Many appear as guest speakers in various classes and mentor current students. School of Education graduates teach and administer in the Archdiocese of Chicago, the dioceses of Joliet, Rockford and Springfield, the Chicago Public Schools, countless public school districts, and religiously affiliated and independent nonpublic schools in Illinois and throughout the United States.

Advisory Councils

Alumnae/i and leaders in the field of education contribute to the strengthening of School of Education programs by serving on various advisory councils.

The Advisory Council for Field Experience and Clinical Practice
The Advisory Council for Field Experience and Clinical Practice of the School of Education meets regularly to provide input and feedback to the Field Experience/Clinical Practice Office. The group is composed of superintendents, principals, assistant principals, faculty, teachers and staff development/ human resource personnel.

The Advisory Council for the Administrative Leadership Program
The Advisory Council for the Administrative Leadership Program is composed of public school principals, superintendents, archdiocesan and diocesan Office of Catholic Schools personnel, and Catholic school presidents and principals. The purpose of the council is threefold: to provide counsel to the director of the Administrative Leadership Program regarding the administrative preparation of prospective school principals and assistant principals, to mentor graduate candidates in the Administrative Leadership Program during their administrative internship and in their career development after graduation, and to represent the School of Education Administrative Leadership Program within their local community and school district.

The Literacy Advisory Council
The Literacy Advisory Council for the MAED Reading Specialist Program meets on a yearly basis. Its membership is composed of area superintendents, principals from public and parochial schools, alums, current candidates, a representative from West 40 Intermediate Service Center #2, (a part of Illinois’ network of regional education agencies providing support to public schools and districts in the western Cook County suburbs) and faculty.

The purpose of the council is to examine the data provided on the candidate outcomes in coursework and clinical practice, to share information regarding the perceived needs within the field of education, and to provide feedback regarding the design of the MAED Reading Specialist Program.

Advisory councils for additional programs are currently under development.