Technology Specialist Endorsement/Certificate

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This online program begins each fall and is designed to provide licensed teachers, librarians, and media specialists with the ability to effectively manage and integrate technology into learning and information environments.  Candidates will be able to identify resources, plan, and design staff development activities to support professional growth in learning technologies.  In addition, this program will grant individuals the ability to implement information access and delivery resources in P-12 schools to support the curriculum.  Upon completion of the endorsement coursework, candidates will have the option to complete additional coursework to receive a Master of Arts in Education degree.

Dominican also offers a certificate in educational technology.  This Dominican administered certificate grants educators, librarians, and media specialists the ability to enhance teaching and learning and offers a strong professional development opportunity for librarians, media specialists and teachers.

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Course Descriptions


A person may apply for the State of Illinois Technology Specialist Endorsement upon satisfactory completion of the prescribed curriculum while maintaining a grade point average of 3.0 out of 4.0.

In addition to 24 semester hours of coursework, candidates must:

  • Pass the Technology Specialist Test (178) to obtain the official endorsement through the Illinois State Board of Education
  • Hold a valid Professional Educator License

Certificate in Educational Technology
General Requirements

12 semester hour of coursework, including:

  • EDU 776/LIS 724 Integrating Technology into Programming, Services, and Instruction (required course)
  • An additional 9 semester hours chosen by the candidate

Time to complete

Approximately 4-5 semesters

Curriculum for the Technology Specialist endorsement

Course # Course Title Credits
EDU 776/LIS 724 Integrating Technology into Programming, Services, and Instruction 3
EDU 777/LIS 734 Learning Theories and Instructional Designs 3
EDU 778/LIS 735 Hardware, Operating Systems, Networking and Troubleshooting 3
EDU 779/LIS 754LIS 754 Systems Analysis and Design 3
EDU 780/LIS 736LIS 736 Digital & Media Literacy in the Classroom 3
EDU 781/LIS 765 Technology for Leaders 3

Special Topics In-depth Studies of Technology Innovation (Choose two from the following)

Course # Course Title Credits
EDU 782/LIS 738 Technology in STEM 3
EDU 783/LIS 739 Online/Blended Learning 3
EDU 784/LIS 746 Teaching and Learning in a 1:1 Bring Your Own Device Environment 3
EDU 785/LIS 747 3-D Printing 3
EDU 786/LIS 741 Gaming in Education 3
EDU 787/LIS 742 Video Production 3
EDU 788/LIS 751 Data Management Systems 3
EDU 789/LIS 753 Internet Fundamentals and Design 3
EDU 790/LIS 768 Social Media and Emerging Technologies 3
EDU 791/LIS 743 Assistive Technology 3