Summer Gifted and Talented Program

The Summer Gifted and Talented Program is delighted to announce its Summer 2016 dates:

Week 1: June 13-17
Week 2: June 20-24
Week 3: June 27-July 1
Week 4: July 11-15

The following classes are now CLOSED at capacity! Wait List only.

  • Chemical Reactions, Week 1 (grades 3/4)
  • Aerodynamics: How Airplanes Fly, Week 1 (grades 3/4)
  • Mathopoly and Economics, Week 1 (grades 4/5)
  • Invention Convention: Rube Goldberg, Week 1 (grades 5-7)
  • Lab Science: Chemistry, Week 1 (grades 7/8)
  • Tessellations & Patterns in Math, Week 2 (grades 2/3)
  • How the Wild Things Live, Week 2 (grades 2/3)
  • Environmental Science: Sustainable Solutions, Week 2 (grades 3/4)
  • Jr Naturalists, Week 2 (grades 4/5)
  • Aerodynamics: Rocketry, Week 2 (grades 5/6) 
  • Hunger Games: Introduction to Genetics, Week 2 (grades 5/6)
  • Stick to the Script, Week 3 (grades 4-6)
  • Scratch That Code, Week 3 (grades 5/6)
  • To Infinity and Beyond, Week 4 (grades 2/3)
  • Let's Have a Picnic! Applications in Math and Science, Week 4 (grades 3/4)
  • Disaster Science, Week 4 (grades 4/5)
  • Advertising Agents, Week 4 (grades 4-6)
  • Aerodynamics: What Goes Up, Must Come Down, Week 4 (grades 5/6)
  • Architecture: How Buildings Stand, Week 4 (grades 5/6)
  • Physics & Engineering: Buildings Bridges, Week 4 (grades 6-8)


The official registration period for Summer Gifted has begun! See below for application links, complete course descriptions, instructor biographies, and program details.

Summer Application Form includes admissions criteria, course offerings, tuition details and refund policy.

Teacher Recommendation Form

Course Descriptions UPDATED Detailed course descriptions will be fully available during the normal registration period at the end of March/Spring Break.

Meet the Faculty Instructor Biographies.


Program Runner Application Program alums of Summer Gifted are eligible to apply as volunteer Program Runners and earn community service hours for High School, as well as the development of soft skills and meaningful resume building work experience! As successful graduates of Summer Gifted, Program Runners are an esteemed group of role models and student leaders, welcomed back to campus to serve as classroom and program helpers, “running” all over campus to assist teachers with class supply needs; to welcome and escort students to class, PE, early dismissal, or restroom facilities, etc.; to help sort and distribute t-shirts and tote bags; and to staff the Gifted Office as needed.

About Our Program

The Summer Gifted and Talented Program at Dominican University serves the academic and social needs of highly motivated gifted and talented students entering grades 2-8 in the Fall. Enriching and challenging instruction is rooted in discovery-based learning, differentiated instruction and assessments, flexible grouping, hands-on activities, real world connections and individual student evaluations. Class sizes are limited to 14-20 students maximum with Golden Apple teaching assistants assigned as necessary for additional classroom leadership, supervision, management and instruction.

Students are accepted into courses that reflect their demonstrated academic area of strength in math, science and/or verbal reasoning. Nationally-normed standardized test scores ranked in the 95%ile are pre-qualified for enrollment pending prerequisites or course availability. Students without scores in the 95%ile may apply 1-2 teacher recommendation(s) for consideration. Please download a copy of the form directly from our website or contact the Program Director/Gifted Office for any questions regarding the teacher recommendation form or admissions process.

To request a school visit or additional program materials, school officials/teachers may contact the Program Director, Janie Wu at

Dominican University's Tax ID Number is 36-2167855.

Additional Information

  • The Summer Gifted and Talented Program is structured for academically gifted and talented students who will enter grades 2 through 8 in the Fall
  • Recess, P.E. and computer activities also take place during the class day, everyday
  • Students are asked to bring a non-perishable sack lunch - we will provide a cold drink and a healthy treat
  • For specific questions pertaining to the Summer Gifted and Talented Program, please contact Program Director Janie Wu at