Laboratory School

Dominican University's Rose K. Goedert Early Childhood Education Center is a member of the International Association of Laboratory Schools (IALS).

Over 100 laboratory schools are associated with colleges and universities worldwide. The faculty members of these schools are scholars, master teachers, and researchers involved in early childhood, elementary, secondary and higher education. Laboratory schools are innovative in their approach to educational reform. Member schools are also different in that each operates according to the needs of the institution at which it resides.

Laboratory schools have a commitment to educate children and prospective teachers. As a result, children in laboratory schools receive an outstanding education from top scholar/ practitioners who are master teachers. IALS' commitment is to provide support, collaboration, and encouragement for those seeking solutions to education issues. This includes supporting the exploration of significant ideas, innovative practices and programs; providing forums for discussion of educational issues and implementation of innovative ideas and communication among schools, universities and professional organizations.