Student Opportunities

“I have loved having the opportunity to work as a student worker at the Goedert Center. Not only has the experience of working with children, professional teachers and directors been positive, but I have gained priceless knowledge that I will be able to take with me as I begin to student teach.”
Katie Pistorio ’09, elementary education student

Dominican University School of Education students have the opportunity to work in the Rose K. Goedert Center for Early Childhood Education as instructional aides. Students in the Dominican University certification programs are required to have a minimum of 100 hours of field experience prior to clinical practice. As prospective teachers, candidates can complete this requirement in the Goedert Center. Learn more about Dominican's undergraduate and graduate programs in education

At the Rose K. Goedert Center for Early Childhood Education, student workers gain the opportunity of hands-on learning. They can spend time at the child’s level, whether it is playing with a group, working with a child learning to write, or talking to a child about inappropriate behavior.  They will also be exposed to children in many stages of development with varying ethnic and social backgrounds.

For more information or to apply, call (708) 714-9150 or e-mail