Other Requirements

Field Experience

Students in the Dominican University licensure programs must have a minimum of 100 hours of field experience before they are allowed to do their clinical practice. These experiences, which are integrated into the curriculum must be completed in a variety of school settings. This will expose the candidate to different grade levels, teaching styles and subject areas. Candidates will also encounter students of diverse ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds, as well as students with exceptionalities.

Many required education courses include 15-25 field experience hours as part of the curriculum. That way students work through the required hours gradually, continually integrating what their classroom knowledge with what they see experienced teachers do.

Students may complete part of this requirement in Dominican’s on-campus daycare facility, the Rose K. Goedert Center. They will also visit public and private schools to observe a variety of teaching styles and settings.

Clinical Practice (Student Teaching)
All prospective teachers must successfully complete a clinical practice experience to be licensed to teach in Illinois.

Admission to clinical practice is determined by a candidate’s written application and other standards which includes a 2.75 GPA in the student’s major and in overall coursework.

The teacher candidate takes increasing responsibility for work with a group of learners. All the while, the candidate remains under the guidance of a cooperating teacher and under the supervision of a university professor.

Seminars are held in conjunction with clinical practice. In this way, prospective teachers will gain further insight into teaching techniques, classroom management skills and student evaluation methods.

Clinical practice takes place during your senior year and provides an opportunity to apply educational theory in a variety of school settings.

Illinois Licensure Testing System
Teacher candidates seeking public school licensure in the State of Illinois must pass a series of tests given by the Illinois Licensure Testing System. These tests include:

  • Test of Basic Skills This first test is required for acceptance into Dominican’s Teacher Education Program,
  • Content area test For acceptance into clinical practice (student teaching), candidates must pass the content area test in which they seek endorsement and
  • Assessment of Professional Knowledge Test Candidates must pass the APKT appropriate to their specific program of study before applying for licensure. This test is usually taken during or immediately following clinical practice.

Tests are administered six times a year at locations throughout the state. All tests are administered on Saturdays. Special arrangements will be made to accommodate persons whose religious convictions prohibit their taking tests on the regularly scheduled test administration date.

Registration information, study materials and information about the tests, including information for persons with disabilities requesting accommodations are available on the Illinois Licensure Testing System's website.