Week Three News From the Gifted and Talented Program

It’s another successful summer for students in the Summer Gifted and Talented Program at Dominican and there is a lot of learning going on. One of the many interesting courses offered during week three was: Environmental Science: Green Generation.

The course was for fourth through sixth grade students and it integrated physical, biological and social sciences to help students explore and examine the natural world and ways it has evolved. The students identified issues, collected data and analyzed environmental challenges and problems, and then made recommendations on alternative solutions and/or preventive measures.

“I want to give them the tools to identify environmental issues in their immediate communities,” says instructor David Adjokatcher. “I want them to start having conversations with members of their families and to identify practical goals and small changes they can make to help our environment.”

When asked why she signed up for this course, fourth grader Corabelle Polderman said, “It looked really cool because it had to do with nature.” Fifth grader Madyson Burk said, “I wanted to learn more about nature and how I can prevent pollution so that our world can stay intact.”

Students participated in a variety of activities such as: observing and reporting evidence of pollution; engaging in group discussions; researching energy issues; and creating songs, collages and poems on the topic of environmental issues.

Sixth grader Finnur Shelton favorite activity was finding stuff that causes pollution. "I like figuring out what’s wrong and helping to keep things clean. During the school year I help pick up trash by my school.”
Fifth grader Marek Hill liked playing the “Too Close for Comfort” game. It's a habitat loss game and it put students in the animals shoes. he said.

To finish off the week, students worked on and presented their multimedia projects to their families and friends. For his project, fifth grader Bryan Foszcz talked about all the ways that we can reduce pollution, while fourth grader talked about habitat loss. “I like going into the woods and into nature,” Ben said. “When animals lose a place to go, I lose a place to explore. It doesn’t only affect them it affects me also.”

The Gifted and Talent Program resumes on July 11 for the fourth and final week.

by Emily Lapinski

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